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Sightseeing facilities

Hirayu spa

Nagase Suppon Yoshokujo

A breeding nursery with long years of history.
The soft-shelled turtles are raised amidst Hirayu's natural hot springs and mountain landscape. Our unique and proprietary system lets us control everything from the manufacture to sale of our nutrition support products.
Our store does not just contain our nutrition support products. It also has candy made with soft-shelled tutle powder that can only be found in Hida Takayama.


Hirayu Minzokukan / Hirayu-no-yu

"Hirayu Minzokukan (Folk Museum)" is a hidden sightseeing spot in the Hirayu-onsen area.

You can visit and rest inside the Gassho-zukuri(*1) building free of charge.

Hirayu-no-yu" next to "Hirayu Minzokukan" is a day trip bathing facility that anyone can use for a small amount of money.

This is popular as a "Sotoyu"(*2) of Hirayu Onsen, and is characterized by its brownish-brown water.

After taking a bath, please spend it slowly on the tatami mat in the building of Gassho-zukuri.

*1 "Gasshozukuri" is a Japanese residential architecture style characterized by a steeply sloping roof.
*2 "Sotoyu" is a public bathing facility without accommodation.


Hirayu Great Falls

This famous spot of the Hirayu-Onsen hot spring area has one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls. This magnificent waterfall measures 64 m in height and 6 m in width. You can enjoy the natural beauty of each season, and in winter you can also enjoy a magical nighttime illumination of the frozen scenery.


Hirayu Onsen Ski Resort

Enjoy good powder snow at the only ski facility of Okuhida Onsengo. The “Family Gelaende” ski slope is ideal for families and beginners. The area has a wide layout with well-kept compacted snow. The “Kamoshika Gelaende”, which has a steep slope of as much as 40 degrees at one point, is ideal for skiers of intermediary skill. The “Giant Course”, with an average slope of 26 degrees and a maximum of 38 degrees, is a course for advanced skiers. With a total length of 1.5 km, this course lets you enjoy a real challenge.


Fukuji spa

(日本語) Corritrip&WORK 奥飛騨 萬葉館

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


Mukashibanashi-no-sato, Isurugi-no-yu, Fukuji Kaseki-kan (Fossil Museum)

“Mukashibanashi-no-Sato ” (Folk Tale Village) is a re-creation of a traditional mountain village of old Japanese houses, complete with sunken hearths. The facility has a public bathing space known as “Isurugi-no-Yu” with separate bathing for men and women and both indoor and open-air spa. Guests can enjoy a meal while sitting around the fireplace. The attached Fukuji Fossil Museum exhibits numerous fossils that have been found in the Fukuji area (free entry).


Fukuji-Onsen Asaichi (Morning Market)

This is a popular morning market with an array of seasonal ingredients harvested from the base of the Northern Japan Alps and other local specialty products.
The market sells mountain vegetables such as angelica-tree shoots and kogomi fern sprouts in spring, freshly harvested vegetables in summer, wild mushrooms and fruits in autumn, and items such as preserved daikon radish in winter.
The market also has an array of other delicious foodstuffs such as hoba miso (miso paste served and grilled on a magnolia leaf, a standard breakfast fare), Okuhida’s special Hida-sansho seasoning and tomato juice.


Shinhirayu spa

Okuhida Bear’s Park

Okuhida Bear's Park is a few minutes drive from the spa town, where you can see over 100 non-hibernating bears year round.

You can experience a variety of programs, such as feeding a bear yourself or taking a commemorative photo while holding a bear cub.


You can watch YouTube videos at the following URL.


Okuhida Training Center Pool

This is a 25 m, seven-lane heated swimming pool that uses the heat from the hot spring.
There is also a children’s pool, so the facility can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
You can also make use of the various gym equipment available in the facility’s training room, or enjoy a game of table tennis or types of recreation.


Okuhida Murakami Sogo Ground

This is a multipurpose sports ground in the Shin-Hirayu Onsen hot spring area.
The ground can be used for baseball, ground golf or various other activities.


Okuhida Sogo Bunka Center

This is a multipurpose hall that can be used for special event exhibitions, etc.
As well as an auditorium that can seat up to 318 people, the hall also has a meeting room and a cooking classroom.
These facilities can be used for various purposes.


Tochio spa

Okuhida Farm (Okuhida Banana)

In the snow country of Okuhida-Onsengo, at an elevation of 800 m, this is the first facility in Japan to cultivate and sell banana plants using steam from the hot springs. Hardy, cold-resistant varieties of banana plant are available, and if you buy one you can create a tropical mood in your own home. 


Shinhotaka spa

(日本語) 奥飛騨さぼう塾

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


Shinhotaka Ropeway

This is the only aerial lift in Japan with double-decker cabins. At an elevation of 2,200 m, the ropeway will take you on a journey above the clouds. When you ride on the ropeway, you can see the impressive sight of the various peaks, such as Mt. Kasagatake, Mt. Yarigatake, Mt. Nishihotakadake, and Mt. Yakedake. Enjoy the splendid scenery of the Northern Japan Alps that changes with the seasons. You can also visit various restaurants and galleries.


Shin-Hotaka Visitor Center “Sangaku-kan” (in Shin-Hotaka Ropeway)

This is a mountain and nature themed exhibition hall by the Shin-Hotaka Ropeway No. 2 Station. The visitor center hosts guided walks,  snow-shoe tours, and other events. Tourist information on surrounding areas is also provided. You can bathe in the natural hot spring open-air spa "Kamitakara-no-Yu". Snow shoe rental is available.


Kita-Alps Ohashi Bridge

This is a long bridge located in the Nabedaira-Kogen highlands, between the Nakao-Kogen Highlands and the Shin-Hotaka Ropeway No. 2 Station in the Shin-Hotaka Onsen region.
150 m long and 70 m high, the bridge provides a stunning view and is a popular spot along the driving route.
Around mid-October the area all around is transformed with the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves, making this a very popular photo spot.


Kamitakara highland

Kamitakara Furusato History Museum and Sports Facilities

There are some 500 items of folk heritage on display, such as items related to the famous monks Enku and Banryu, who had a deep affinity with this region, historical materials related to the revolt against the Ohara clan, and earthenware and stoneware connected to the lifestyles of the people of those times.
In the film study room you can watch a historical film titled "Tsubomishi-hana".
This museum passes on the history and traditional culture of Kamitakara for posterity.
The museum is connected with a multipurpose sports ground and indoor sports stadium for baseball, track events, and other activities.


Sugoroku Keikoku Valley

This is a valley formed by the Sugoroku River that flows from Mt. Sugorokudake of the Northern Japan Alps.
The beautiful emerald green water of the Sugoroku River is so clear that you can see right down to the riverbed.
In summer it becomes a lively spot as families bring their children to play in the river, and in autumn the whole of Sugoroku Valley is covered in the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves.


The other area

Norikura Skyline ( May.15 to Oct.31 )

The Norikura Skyline is a fully paved mountain roadway measuring 6.5 m in width and covering a total distance of 14.4 km from the Hirayutoge Pass (elevation: 1,684 m) to Mt. Norikuradake Tatamidaira (elevation: 2,702 m).


Okuhida Dai-Shonyudo (at Nyukawa-cho)

Great Limestone Cave in Nyukawa-cho.
A sight-seeing spot along the way to the Takayama city district from Okuhida-Onsengo.
The establishment includes the Ohashi Collection Kan Museum.


Rail Mountain Bike “Gattan! Go!” (Kamioka-cho,Hida-city)

An innovative ride that combines mountain bikes with a decommissioned railway for a fun new sensation.



Kamikochi is one of Japan’s most prominent scenic mountain locations.
It is located about 30 minutes by bus or taxi from Hirayu Onsen hot spring, the gateway to Okuhida-Onsengo.
Every year, when the mountain opens in the spring season, the place becomes lively with many tourists.
Come and enjoy the uniquely Japanese mountain scenery such as the Kappa-Bashi Bridge, the Taishoike Pond and the Myojin Ike pond.



Hirayu Campground

This is a campground surrounded by the natural environment of Okuhida. The campground has a wide non-designated camping area for tents where you can enjoy a real outdoor experience.


Okuhida-Onsengo Auto Camping Site

This is an auto-campingsite located on the side of Takahara River.
The campground includes natural hot spring open-air baths and is well-equipped with facilities such as showers and a coin-operated laundry.