About Okuhida-Onsengo Tourism Association

The purposes of the Oku-Hida Onsengo Tourism Association (general incorporated association) are to encourage the spread and development of wholesome sightseeing trips and the expansion of international tourism, assist local cultural and economic improvements, and contribute to international goodwill, while expanding tourism and preserving the tourist attractions around Oku-Hida Spa Village and the Kamitakara-cho region.
Description of business
  1. Tourism promotion and tourist attraction
  2. Promoting preservation, education and development regarding tourist attractions
  3. Training to increase tourism awareness
  4. Research for increasing awareness in tourism business
  5. Promotion and encouragement in development of tourist-oriented products
  6. Provision of tourism information, etc. and publication and distribution of sightseeing periodicals, etc.
    Establishment and operation of tourist information centers
  7. Communication and cooperation with tourism-related organizations
  8. Expansion of international tourism, promotion of international exchanges and attraction of foreign tourists
  9. Travel industry operations based on the Travel Agency Act
  10. Other operations necessary to fulfilling the goals of the Association
Articles of Incorporation
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List of officers
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List of officers
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List of members
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List of members
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“1689-3 Murakami,Okuhida-Onsengo,Takayama-City,GIFU-Pref.
“Phone : +81-578-89-2614
facsimile : +81-578-89-3200”
mailto : okuhida@hidatakayama.ne.jp