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Norikura Skyline ( May.15 to Oct.31 )

The Norikura Skyline is a fully paved mountain roadway measuring 6.5 m in width and covering a total distance of 14.4 km from the Hirayutoge Pass (elevation: 1,684 m) to Mt. Norikuradake Tatamidaira (elevation: 2,702 m).


Open period : 15th May - 31th Oct.

  • Period of access (May,June and October) : 7:00 to 18:00
  • Period of access (July,August and September) : 3:30 to 18:00

* There may be access restrictions depending on weather conditions.

Operating section of the Norikura line (bus) :

Route : Hirayu-Onsen Gezan-guchi(*1)(*2) - Mt. Daikokutake Tozan-guchi(Trailhead)(*2)(*3) - Norikura Tatami-Daira(summit of Mt. Norikura) *1 This bus stop will be available from 1st July. *2 You can get off at these bus stops only by bus services to Norikura Sancho(Tatami-Daira : summit of Mt. Norikura) direction (2018 period). *3 This bus stop will be available from 1st June. Fare for an adult :(half for an elementary school students)

  • Hirayu-Onsen - Norikura Sancho(Tatami-Daira : summit of Mt. Norikura)
    • One way fare : 1,450 yen
    • Rount-trip fare : 2,500 yen
  • Hirayu-Onsen - Hirayu-Onsen Gezan-guchi
    • One way fare : 1,350 yen
  • Hirayu-Onsen - Mt. Daikokutake Tozan-guchi(trailhead)
    • One way fare : 1,400 yen
  • Hoonoki-Daira - Norikura Sancho(Tatami-Daira : summit of Mt. Norikura)
    • One way fare : 1,290 yen
    • Rount-trip fare : 2,500 yen
  • Hoonoki-Daira - Hirayu-Onsen Gezan-guchi
    • One way fare : 1,190 yen
  • Hoonoki-Daira - Mt. Daikokutake Tozan-guchi(trailhead)
    • One way fare : 1,230 yen



Norikura Skyline Office
TEL: +81-577-79-2012
Norikura Information

Hida Norikura Tourism Association
2000 Bokata, Nyukawacho, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken
TEL: +81-577-78-2345


About Norikura Skyline

Official web site : https://norikuradake.jp/Address : 1223,Iwaidani,Nyukawa-cho,Takayama-city,Gifu TEL : +81-577-78-2345 Since 2003, restrictions on personal car use have been place on the Norikura Skyline, meaning you cannot gain access with your own car. Please take a bus or taxi from either "the Akandana car park (Okuhida-Onsengo, Hirayu-Onsen)" or "the Honoki-Daira car park (Nyukawa-cho)". Akandana car park is a convenient place to leave your car and catch a bus to the Norikura Skyline or Kamikochi.  

About the Akandana car park

Opening period : From Apr. 15 to Nov. 15 Access time : 3:30 - 19:00 Exit time : all hours Parking Fee :

  • Standard size car : 600 yen a day
  • Large size car : 2,400 yen a day
  • Motorcycle : 300 yen a day

* No night stay inside the car parking lot. TEL & FAX : +81-578-89-3477 (Direct line) Emergency contact : +81-578-86-2111 (to Kamitakara Branch)


Other Open-air bath

Shinhotaka-no-yu(Open-air baths in Shin-Hotaka area)


Enjoy an open-air bath on the bank of Gamata River 

Closed from wintertime to springtime (October 31 to late April).


Nakazaki Sanso Okuhida-no-yu(新穂高温泉)


Adjacent to the Shinhotaka Ropeway No. 1 Station, these facilities combine day-trip spa and dining venues.


The bathrooms have natural spring water.


The restaurant within the facilities has a wide menu including items such as Hida beef hoba steak and ramen noodles.


Kojin-no-yu(Open-air baths in Tochio area)


This is a public open-air bath located on a river beach of the Gamata River. To use the facility, just place a small donation (around 300 yen) into the collection box at the entrance. Signs written on large boulders indicate the changing rooms and open-air baths. Surrounded by the grand mountains, you can really feel the splendor of nature.


Hirayu Minzokukan / Hirayu-no-yu(平湯温泉)


"Hirayu Minzokukan (Folk Museum)" is a hidden sightseeing spot in the Hirayu-onsen area.

You can visit and rest inside the Gassho-zukuri(*1) building free of charge.

Hirayu-no-yu" next to "Hirayu Minzokukan" is a day trip bathing facility that anyone can use for a small amount of money.

This is popular as a "Sotoyu"(*2) of Hirayu Onsen, and is characterized by its brownish-brown water.

After taking a bath, please spend it slowly on the tatami mat in the building of Gassho-zukuri.

*1 "Gasshozukuri" is a Japanese residential architecture style characterized by a steeply sloping roof.

*2 "Sotoyu" is a public bathing facility without accommodation.


Mukashibanashi-no-sato, Isurugi-no-yu, Fukuji Kaseki-kan (Fossil Museum)(福地温泉)


“Mukashibanashi-no-Sato ” (Folk Tale Village) is a re-creation of a traditional mountain village of old Japanese houses, complete with sunken hearths. The facility has a public bathing space known as “Isurugi-no-Yu” with separate bathing for men and women and both indoor and open-air spa. Guests can enjoy a meal while sitting around the fireplace. The attached Fukuji Fossil Museum exhibits numerous fossils that have been found in the Fukuji area (free entry).


Shin-Hotaka Visitor Center “Sangaku-kan” (in Shin-Hotaka Ropeway)(Open-air baths in Shin-Hotaka area)


This is a mountain and nature themed exhibition hall by the Shin-Hotaka Ropeway No. 2 Station. The visitor center hosts guided walks,  snow-shoe tours, and other events. Tourist information on surrounding areas is also provided. You can bathe in the natural hot spring open-air spa "Kamitakara-no-Yu". Snow shoe rental is available.




This is a facility within the Shinhotaka Onsen hot spring area where you can enjoy a spa day trip and dining. There is a model train diorama on display within the building, which is sure to delight train enthusiasts and all visitors. The facility has a broad open-air bath and also offers a wide menu of dishes such as Hida beef cuisine and various set meals.    




This is an open-air bath resort facility in the Hirayu Onsen hot spring area, the most historical part of Okuhida-Onsengo. With 16 open-air baths scattered throughout the 49,600 m2 virgin forest of Oku-Hida, this is a truly magnificent place. Here you can enjoy a free and open feeling bathing naked. The facility also includes the restaurant “Momi-no-Ki”, where you can enjoy Hida beef cuisine and noodle dishes. Just a 3-minute walk from the Hirayu bus terminal.


Kami-no-yu(Open-air baths in Hirayu area)


In 1931, the local villages built a shrine dedicated to Fudo-Myo-Oh (the fearsome Wisdom King Acala, shrine) in the Hirayu-Onsen hot spring area.
Close by this shrine is the birthplace of the Hirayu-Onsen hot springs, “Kami-no-Yu” (Divine Hot Spring).
This is a public open-air bath where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Okuhida.
Just a 5-minute drive from the Hirayu bus terminal.
The facility is closed during the winter season (from snowfall in November to mid-April).

Currently, "Kami-no-Yu" is closed for repair.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, please understand.
I will let you know as soon as the schedule of resuming is decided.

In addition, an another public spa facility "Hirayu-no-Yu (in "Hirayu-Minzoku-kan")" is open in the Hirayu-Onsen area.
Please come and enjoy spa by all means.



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