Himuro Soba Festival will be held this year as well. Soba (buckwheat) harvested in the Shin-hirayu Onsen area of Okuhida-Onsengo is left to mature for 3 months in an icehouse for Shin-hirayu’s famous “Taruma Water” during the winter.Treat yourself to some truly Japanese soba noodles.

6th Himuro Soba Festival at Shin-Hirayu-Onsen

Open period : From 20th (Sun) to 25th (Fri) May ,2018 Opening hour : 11:00 – 13:00 Venue:”Taruma-no-Yakata” in “Taruma Shinsui Koen” Park (at Hitoegane,Shin-Hirayu-Onsen) Menu :

  • Mori-Soba : 500 yen
  • Topping : All 100 yen
  • Topping selection : Tempura from seasonal wild greens, Soft boiled egg by hot spring, Japanese yam, etc.



*We prepare enough ingredients, but it will end as soon as sold out.    Images from the 4th festival