On the Hida side of the Northern Japan Alps, which lie within the Chubu Sangaku National Park, there is a mountain opening festival called “Banryu-sai (Banryu festival)” .
This Banryu-sai festival is an annual event held to mark the arrival of spring in this snowy region.
The purpose is to commemorate the great work of the holy monk Banryu, who opened up Mt. Yarigatake and Mt. Kasagatake by erecting Buddhist monuments on their peaks.
It is also signifies the hope for safety in the Northern Japan Alps.

After the Shinto rituals, there are dedicatory presentations of the region’s traditional performing arts of the Torigei dance and the Hembetori lion dance.

Date : 10th May (
Fixed each year)
Event hours : From 10:00
Venue : “Murakami Shrine” at Shinhirayu-Onsen (
Okuhida-Onsengo Murakami, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-1431, Japan)



Shinto rituals

Hembetori Dance

Torige Dance