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Shin-Hotaka Autumn walk: Night Sky Watching (From 20th to 30th Oct.)


This is the event of illumination symbolizing the autumn of Okuhida Onsengo. Natural scenery stained red or yellow is illuminated with light beautifully and fantastically. Besides the main illumination venue, there are also illuminations at two other locations.

Taruma Kanekori illumination


A frozen waterfall of the famous "Taruma Water" of Shin-Hirayu-Onsen is lit up to create a magical scene for your enjoyment. From mid to late January, the special event of Taruma-no-monogatari (tale of Taruma) is held. The warm and welcoming traditional gassho-style cottage Taruma-no-yakata is the venue for the magnificent winter Ema Market. 

Aodaru illumination


Within the mountains of the Fukuji Onsen area stands the “Fukuji Wall” rock face. As water seeps from the rock face it freezes into columns of blue ice, known as Aodaru.
These columns of blue ice are recreated in the hot spring town.
In daytime the columns are a beautiful clear blue, and at night they are lit up to create an even more magical scene.
From early to mid February you can enjoy special events such as the “Ice Path Light-up”, that allows you to walk behind the Aodaru, and demonstrations of the local performing art of the Hembetori lion dance.