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Hirayu-Onsen Enman Festival 


When Takeda Shingen of the Kai Province invaded Hida with his army, he became incapacitated from fatigue and the noxious vapors from Mt. Iodake. Just then there appeared a white monkey that led him to the hot springs. Bathing in the hot springs restored Takeda’s vitality. This is the legend of the Hirayu Onsen hot springs. The Enman festival is held in celebration of this legend, with a white monkey as its mascot.

Summer Festival in Fukuji-Onsen


This is a traditional summer event for the Fukuji Onsen Area.
During the event period, there are nightly performances of the Hembetori lion dance, which has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage of the town.
This dance is said to have originated with the Emperor Murakami, who once visited this place to rest from his journey and, seeing the villagers troubled by a plague of snakes, performed a dance in supplication to the gods to drive the snakes away.
The festival also includes performances of the traditional Torigei dance, passed down through generations, and the holding of the Ema Market and evening stalls.

Okuhida Summer Story Festival” at Shinhirayu-Onsen


In addition to holding the lively Emaishi (horse picture market), things Shin Hirayu Onsen that remind one of the summer include folk stage performances of Takara Taiko and Shishimai Dance, as well as the night fair.