This is a festival held in thanks of the bounty of hot springs in the Hirayu-Onsen area.

Prayer sticks with people’s wishes written on them are burned on the grounds of the Hirayu shrine and water brought from each of the hot springs is boiled in a giant pot.

The priest sprinkles the hot water over the crowd of pilgrims and prays for their good health and prosperity in business.

  • Period : 15th May. (Fixed each year)
  • Event hours :
    • Ema-ichi(Ema-Market) : 13:00-
    • Yubana Festival : 20:00- * Canceled in the event of rain. * Times may change.
  • Venue : Hirayu Shrine in Hirayu-Onsen ( Okuhidaonsengo Hirayu, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-1433, Japan )