This is the event of illumination symbolizing the autumn of Okuhida Onsengo. Natural scenery stained red or yellow is illuminated with light beautifully and fantastically. Besides the main illumination venue, there are also illuminations at two other locations. Shin-hotaka Autumn walk / Night Sky Watching

  • Period : From 20th Oct to 30th Oct (fixed each year)
  • Hours to illuminate autumn leaves : from 17:00 to 22:00)
  • Venue 1 : Shinhotaka-no-yu area (Illumination main venue) Illumination of the autumn trees in the area around the clear waters of the Gamata River and the Shinhotaka-no-yu open-air baths.
  • Venue 2 : Illumination along “Yuyu Park” Illuminations of a park near a hot spring town.
  • Venue 3 : Illumination of the streets of the Nakao-Kogen Highlands Illumination of the autumn trees amidst the steam of the hot spring town.

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