The Ideyu festival is a traditional summer event held on the grounds of the Shinmei shrine of the Shin-hirayu Onsen Area.
Each night there is a performance of the traditional Torigei dance, which has been designated as an important intangible folk-culture property of Gifu Prefecture.
Torigei is a tradition said to have been passed down through generations from the legendary fugitive Heike warriors who once lived here.
Wearing headdresses made of rooster feathers known as shagama and robes patterned with dragons and peacock feathers known as katabira, the performers dance to drums and flutes while beating hand gongs.
There are also demonstrations of other local performing arts –the lion dance and the Takara-taiko drums– and the holding of the magnificent Ema Market of votive plaques (ema) and evening stalls.




  • Period : From 4th Aug. to 20th Aug. ,2018
    * The scheduling of events may change from year to year depending on when auspicious days occur.
  • Starting time : 20:30-
  • Venue : “Shinmei Shrine” at Shin-Hirayu-Onsen (Okuhidaonsengo Hitoegane, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-1432, Japan)
  • Demonstration of the local performing arts of Torigei (an important intangible folk-culture property of Gifu Prefecture), the lion dance, and Takarataiko drums.
  • Holding of the Ema Market and evening stalls.
  • The middle of the shrine grounds is lit up with paper lanterns.

* The content of events may change.


Special event
“Oldies Night in Okuhida”
Date and time: August 20th, 2018 (Monday) 7:30 p.m. onwards
Description: Oldies band “Nagoya Cantos” will be performing their hearts out for one night only at Okuhida!
*As the special event is being held on August 20th, there will be no performances of folk entertainment or ema market on that day.

*The event might be subjected to changes.