At Shinhotaka Ropeway, this year’s winter season is packed with events as well!
There are all sorts of events, such as the Northern Alps’ “Snow Corridor,” “Snow Shoes” to walk Nabedaira Highlands, “Snow-Playing Plaza” and so on.
Please enjoy the silver world and stunning winter scenery.

Winter Festival 2018~2019

  • Snow Corridor of the Northern Alps

  Period: January to March 2019 (subject to change depending on the weather)
  Venue: Sengoku-Enchi, Nishihotakaguchi

An incredible wall of snow with a height of three meters. This snow corridor, which has a total length of 240 meters, is a fantastical and mysterious world in which you are surrounded by “white.”

  • The Silver Snow-Playing Plaza

  Period: January to March 2019 (subject to change depending on the weather)
  Venue: around Shirakabadaira Station

A snow-top tubing course and objects sculptured from snow will appear around the second ropeway terminal (Shirakabadaira Station).

  • Nabedaira Highlands Snow Shoes Half Day Tour

  Period: December 22nd (Sat), 2018 to late March 2019 (subject to change depending on the conditions of fallen snow)
  Venue: Visitor Center ~ Nabedaira Highlands
  Schedule: morning session: asssemble at 9:30 a.m., disperse at 12:00 p.m.
      afternoon session: assemble at 1:00 p.m., disperse at 3:30 p.m.
  Assembly Venue: Shinhotaka Visitor Center “Sanraku-Kan”
  Participation fees: adult 4,000 yen, child 2,900 yen (guide and complete rental set)
       adult 3,500 yen, child 2,400 yen (if rental wear is unnecessary)
     adult 2,000 yen, child 1,400 yen (if the complete rental set is unnecessary)
  Participants: 12 (at least two people for a session to be held)
  For reservations and inquiries: contact Shinhotaka Visitor Center “Sanraku-Kan” ☎+81-578-89-2254

  • Winter Vacation Special Project: Ropeway free for elementary school students!

  Period: December 22nd (Sat), 2018 to January 6th (Sun), 2019
  Conditions for use: only eligible if you submit the “elementary school student free ticket” in the winter leaflet to the ticket sales counter or present the free ticket screen on a smartphone or tablet.
There are many other events!

For more information, please view  the Shinhotaka Ropeway Official Site.