Okuhida Onsengo Autumn illumination and star gazing events.
Besides the main illumination venue, there are also illuminations at two other locations.
There is also a star gazing event with a mobile observatory.

Shin-hotaka Autumn walk / Night Sky Watching

Period : From 20th Oct to 30th Oct (fixed each year)


Dream Star mobile observatory / star gazing event (20:15 – 20:45)
* Event canceled in the case of rain. Outdoor film screening held next to Okuhida Sabo Juku if weather is cloudy.

Venue : 
around “Nakao-Kogen-Guchi” bus stop

Like a window to the heavens, the clear autumn night sky of Okuhida-Onsengo is filled with a countless host of sparkling stars.
A star gazing event with the Dream Star mobile observatory is held every day during the period.


Autumn tree illumination (17:00 – 22:00)
Venue : Shinhotaka-no-yu area (Illumination main venue)

Illumination of the autumn trees in the area around the clear waters of the Gamata River and the Shinhotaka-no-yu open-air baths.


Venue : Illumination along the banks of the Jigoku-Daira Sabo dam

Illumination throughout the Jigoku-Daira forest at sunset.


Venue : Illumination of the streets of the Nakao-Kogen Highlands

Illumination of the autumn trees amidst the steam of the hot spring town.


Takayama Jinya taiko drum performance (20:15-)

  • * Canceled in the event of rain

Period : From 22th Oct. to 23th Oct., From 29th Oct. to 30th Oct.

Venue : On the grounds of the Okuhida Sabo Juku (close to the illumination main venue)


Enjoy a powerful drum performance amid the magical autumn scenery.






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